The Libya Local Governance and Stabilization Project is funded by the European Union and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and aims to contribute to strengthen and empower local governance in Libya. This three year project, starting December 2015, covers 25 municipalities in the South, East and West of Libya. It advances the argument that it is possible to create traction at the local level for improved governance, to the benefit of stabilization and creating conditions for future reconstruction.

To attain its objective of strengthening and empowering local governance in Libya, the project focusses on three dimensions of local governance: the improvement of municipal management, the improvement of basic service delivery and to increase the collaboration between municipalities and the participation of CSOs in local affairs and conflict prevention, special attention hereby goes out to youth and women. It is in the framework of this third dimension that the Libya Local Governance and Stabilization Project supports local and regional mediations actions wherein municipal councils and civil society organisations take part. This International Peace Forum on Libya shall provide a platform to present the initiatives and achievements that have been made over the course of this project and place these is a wider spectrum, aligning with other ongoing initiatives.

The Libya Local Governance and Stabilization Project is being implemented by VNG International in partnership with the International Development Centre for Innovative Local Governance (CILG).